Immediate help, advice and action after fires, floods and other disasters

How our support works

Incident occurs
(fire, flood, other property damage)

The Incident Commander alerts EDM that an individual or family is in need of further support in the initial hours and days following the incident.

EDM contacts the homeowner, tenant or business owner

EDM provides free advice and assistance, explaining what to expect over the initial 24 – 48 hours.

EDM Adviser takes immediate action 

EDM Adviser takes steps to ensure the safety and security of the people and property e.g temporary accommodation, boarding up etc.

Our post incident support includes:

  • Timely advice, guidance and reassurance

  • Arranging temporary accommodation

  • Organising emergency property security works

  • Notifying utility companies

  • Providing a discretionary food and clothing fund

  • Facilitating ongoing expert support where necessary


Post incident support

EDM’s post incident support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Following instruction from the fire service, our expert advisers offer immediate and ongoing practical advice after a fire or other property related disaster. Our aim is to support people through the distressing first hours and days, helping them feel safe, secure and in control.

Advice when it is needed most

When circumstances for a property owner or tenant can look most bleak, the EDM advisers spend time listening, reassuring, and providing clear and concise information in order for them to make informed and constructive decisions. As a result, Fire Officers can be confident members of the community have the right support at the right time.

Guiding the public through uncertainty

Whether a home or business, dealing with a damaged property, brings uncertainty and stress to the fore. The essence of regaining control is having the information and knowledge to make considered, informed and timely decisions. EDM Post Incident Support helps replace confusion and doubt with practical advice and certainty in order to plot a path to recovery.

How important do you feel it was to receive advice at the time?
“Vital- the incident commander said there was a support service available called EDM and would I like to talk to them and I’m very pleased we did”. 
Would you recommend EDM to someone in a similar situation?
“100%!! Genuinely wouldn’t have known what to do without the assistance given.”
Is there anything EDM did particularly well?
“EDM were faultless, they were there over the phone to advise and reassure us when we needed it most as we had no idea what to do next and were in shock”.